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Woman, it’s all about how you do your maths

I’m in a jav and these guys are discussing this woman (power woman if you ask me) who has secret investments without her husband’s knowledge. One guy is spitting some serious poison about the woman, he’s disgusted and shakes his head. So, I can tell he’s digging this ‘she’s evil’ vibe.

Apparently, in his drunken stupor, the man chased his wife out of his house (after all, he pays rent, no?). Fifteen years later, when the wife had enough of this, tables, stools, desks and whatever else possible—were really turned when the cat finally roared.

All the while, the woman owned not only the unit, but the property in which they lived in. Mr man has been paying house rent for 15 years now and he never knew his wife was the owner of the house. Son, my ribs! At this point, it was clear I was eavesdropping.

And I’d be rude not to conversation bomb, or invade the conversation (just cooked up, but you get?) What these women do still get me. Apparently, someone has been acting as a representative for the landlord. Now a village meeting has been called on the wife’s behalf to settle the differences.

There was more. It was later discovered that she has several other properties, all in her children’s name. So, I reminded them of an incident on news. There was the kick-ass professional woman in Ngumo who was locked out of ‘their’ home after separating with the husband.

Apparently, she and her hubby bought the property jointly and there he was armed with men in blue and throwing her stuff out. The children?

You should have seen how they pleaded with their father who had clearly gone apeshit. At some point, the woman didn’t believe she married such a heartless man.

Two different scenarios. How do you even start debating on this without going after each other’s necks? Simple mathematics. Do your math, I’ve done mine. Whatever your answer is, round off to the nearest ‘woman of steel’. It’s all about us.

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