Uhuru invited for June G7 fete in Canada

President Uhuru Kenyatta joined other Commonwealth leaders for a meeting at a royal residence in Berkshire to flesh out an implementation plan for their agreement on deepening trade. Top on their agenda was trade among member states, improving security and tackling climate change, among other partnerships.

The other leaders were driven to the Windsor Castle for the retreat from London, where they had held their other meetings in the royal residences of Buckingham Palace and St James’ Palace.

Kenya has already won support from the Commonwealth for its Oceans summit in November, during which it will press the case for greater exploitation of the blue economy to uplift the lives of Kenyans.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to co-sponsor the vent . He also invited President Uhuru to the G7 summit in Quebec in June.

“We continue to pursue our agenda to boost trade amongst the Commonwealth countries, ensure greater investment to Kenya and promote good governance,” said Uhuru. Meanwhile, President Uhuru’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was aired Friday evening. -PSCU

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