Defiant Chebukati snubs calls to quit

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati on Friday declared he would not resign and challenged persons who want him gone to follow the law.

He said people calling for his resignation should form a tribunal to investigate his conduct, noting that he was in office legally. His declaration comes after some legislators, including Senate Leader of Majority Kipchumba Murkomen, gave Chebukati seven days to resign alongside the two remaining IEBC commissioners in seven days following a dramatic exit of three others on Monday.

The commissioners—Connie Nkatha, Paul Kurgat and Margaret Mwachanya—cited a lack of proper leadership by Chebukati as the main reason for their resignation. But addressing journalists at Anniversary Towers, Chebukati said: “We can’t stop Kenyans from speaking.

Those who are not satisfied and want us out of the office should form a tribunal based on our integrity, explaining case by case what wrong we have done for us to resign.”

“The undue pressure, unwarranted, nasty mudslinging and unlawful attacks on the chairman, commissioners and the commission should cease. It is unfair to the commissioners, their families and their acquaintances,” he added.

Chebukati, accompanied by commissioners Ayub Guliye and Boya Molu, defended his work, saying that since he took over , amongst other responsibilities, he had presided over 61 Plenary sittings, where most of the motions were passed by way of consensus.

He said only on eight occasions that the commission adopted motions after a majority vote. “Therefore, blaming the chair and two commissioners in office for a lost motion or for an adoption of a resolution to undertake a financial audit is insincere and unfortunate,” he said.

Chebukati rubbished claims by the commissioners who resigned that his leadership is poor as misleading and without basis. He urged Parliament to speed up the process of appointing new commissioners to replace the four who have since resigned.

“Parliament will have to come up with legislation to spearhead the appointment of new commissioners. It is not up to us to do that, the appointing authority will have to do that, we are looking forward to them speeding up the process so that we can continue with the commission’s affairs,” said Chebukati.

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