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Probe MP’s utterances against Kitui governor

Last week, a video clip attributed to Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi making unsavoury remarks about Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu went viral on social media.

The MP was quoted as having made threats on the governor that are too crass to repeat here. He went on to warn that the governor was “barred” from visiting any part of his constituency without his blessings. His beef is that the governor has been hobnobbing with Jubilee operatives and has visited the constituency without his approval.

The MP has clearly yet to evolve to the level of other leaders who eschew this sort of primordial standpoint, which has no place in modern society.

Indeed, Ngilu is free to visit any part of this country, not just Mwingi Central, with or without reference to the self-styled tin god whose political myopia is shocking in the extreme. This is a fact of law and does not depend on the goodwill or otherwise of the likes of Mulyungi.

It is utterly confounding that an elected leader can have such utterances spew from his mouth. His remarks are offensive to all the women of Kenya, and by extension to society as a whole, as they purport to assume that women can be relegated to a sub-human level and punished in the manner he prescribes.

Such perverse threats and abhorrent sexual innuendo attributed to a member of the august House are offensive, not least because a lawmaker should know better. If his prescription for annoyance is what he told governor Ngilu, would he say the same of his sisters, cousins, or friends and associates?

Does he value women as a whole? It is even more shocking that the MP has not seen the need to retract his villainous utterances or apologise to both the womenfolk and Kenyans in general.

It is important that he moves with speed to redeem his image, if any left, and make amends before history judges him harshly. Such senseless utterances must be condemned in the strongest terms possible and the offender shamed for suggesting that subjecting a woman to rape is not only possible but can be done with his sanction.

This country can do without his types, and he should resign from any public seat he holds promptly. Meanwhile, his remarks should have been probed by now, and statements taken from him as well any other person who witnessed this incident with a view to having the law take its course.

Impunity of this magnitude has no place in a civilised society. The MP is an anachronism from another era. His sort of shenanigans is out of place and he is out of order.

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