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Snitches don’t get stitches! #IfikieWazazi

The sages said the days of a thief are only 40. With all their wisdom, nonetheless, they did not specify the days of a social media nudist, but I guess they are not many either.

I may not be as wise as those who came before me, but with the little beards, I have accumulated over the years and the accompanying nuggets of sagacity, I can now proclaim with confidence that the days of an Instagram nudist are not many!

Despite hiding behind private accounts and bizarre names like “Pweety Deeva Mhot”, online ‘models’, exhibitionists who love baring it all for the camera are in deep trouble after details of their misadventures came to the forefront.

It all went down under the hashtag #IfikieWazazi, where folks felt that the mothers and fathers of racy souls on the Gram need to know what their kids are up to.

They need to know their kids have been paying photographers to take racy pictures. They need to know their kids have opened private Instagram accounts under bizarre epithets where they have been feeding the nation with these unsolicited nudes.

They need to know the innocent child they have befriended on Facebook—who they tag biblical posts—is an x-rated ‘model’ on with a whole catalogue of naked pictures and a devoted following of hungry fisis.

They need to know they are being scammed when campo kids ask for money every Friday allegedly for Christian Union Weekend Challenge.

It is important they become aware this money is being paid to photographers who happily click and capture obscene pictures that are then shared with lustful souls on social media.

Call me a snitch if you wish! Dear social media nudists. I hear they prefer calling themselves ‘artists’ claiming what they do is ‘pure art’. I will call you what I think you are; social media nudists. I know the attention you receive when you post your ‘craft’ is soothing to your modest self-value (if there’s any).

I know the 60 likes you receive on those racy posts make you feel like the most popular person in the world. I know the “you look sweet” comments by ever-hungry fisis and those dumb DMs that build your ego and reassure your low self-esteem.

However, if you ever learn a lesson in self-worth, you will understand why humans put their lives on the line digging so deep to find diamonds while nobody gives a hoot about common dirt at the roadside for all and sundry to pick. Good day nudist.

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