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Bride: Angeline Odinga Groom: Hillary Juma

Bride: Angeline Odinga Groom: Hillary Juma Date: November 25, 2017 Venue: PrideInn Westlands Photography: Sun Africa Studios Décor: Gallina Reflection Make-up: Phoina Tosha (bride) and Grace Awour (some bridesmaids)

Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Angeline: We met through a friend and dated for close to five years. How was the proposal? He took me to InterContinental Hotel for an intimate dinner, where he proposed.

Did you work with a committee or a wedding planner?

I didn’t have a committee or a wedding planner. I did it on my own with the help of my friends.

What were some of the highlights of your big day?

Walking down the aisle with my parents, saying the vows and our entrance dance at the reception. On that day, there was a lot of traffic. I was panicking because by 3pm, my mum had not arrived where I was to be picked, and the church service was to start at 4pm.

Any regrets?

My major regret was choosing our wedding caterer. For the amount of money we spent on food, I believe we deserved better quality than what was served.

After an awesome food tasting and gaining confidence in them, they disappointed on the D-day. All my guest complained of the food, that the rice was of poor quality it looked like ugali, the stew was too watery and the chapatis were too dry. In short, it was pathetic.

They went ahead and sold the complimentary soft drink to my guests. I was too excited on my wedding day to eat, so, unfortunately, I didn’t know what went down till the following day. And rumours were going round the food must have been Sh500, yet we paid Sh2,000 per plate!

I regret trusting them too much, and didn’t see the need to have a coordinator on the wedding day. I wish I knew, I would have had someone on the ground on the actual day, who would have fixed the wrong.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

Plan early and ensure you have someone to help in the coordination on the actual day.

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