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You can catch some breeze at Bahama

For many partygoers, myself being one of them, have ended up in Westlands, especially back when Rezorus and Changes clubs were the in thing.

Then came Aqua Lounge and Hypnotica whose services I’d say were a bit obnoxious, which made me vow never to visit them.

Then we found ourselves leaving Brew Bistro and Privee at six in the morning, on that ‘walk of shame’. Don’t judge me as we all have had this experience.

However, just as I was about to call it quits with this Westie vibe, a new joint sprouted and swept me off my feet, a place I’ll recommend to many of my drinking buddies — Bahama Breeze Bar and Restaurant.

Superbly positioned just opposite Havanna, the club has a Caribbean feel with palm trees that breathe life into the club adding to the vibe. It is spacious and swanky with an antique rustic décor. Just for your information, Ted Macharia, a renowned interior designer with Cozy Concepts Interiors, did the décor.

Once you get your bearing and settled in, the servers are readily handy and they are not too fussy. They will serve you once you are relaxed. What stood out for me was the drink menu, which was affordable. With Sh400 to Sh500 you’ll enjoy any cocktail of your choice.

Not to mention the happy hour cocktails sold at Sh300. That for sure is an incredible deal. Bottle service is also pocket friendly, where from as low as Sh5,000 depending on your drink, you can have your mzinga at your table.

Ideally, whether it’s a night out with friends or just a simple date, the bar is friendly. It has an eclectic ambience that gives you an unforgettable experience.

The music on the other hand is catchy with a number of well-known deejays entertaining. You can also enjoy some bitings, as they are yet to introduce their food menu. However, it’s worth making reservations because the club tends to be a bit busy as the night gets merrier.

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