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Policy to force landowners to lease idle parcels for farming

Landowners with idle parcels will soon be compelled to lease them to commercial entrepreneurs for food production or pay punitive taxes, Lands Cabinet secretary Farida Karoney has said.

She said her ministry is in the process of developing land policies that will see even private landowners compelled to either use their parcels or lease the same to entrepreneurs willing to use them for agriculture.

The CS regretted that huge chunks of arable land lie idle in various parts at a time Kenyans were experiencing food shortage. She cited Coast region, saying it has 30 percent of its land idle. “Unless we change the way we use land, we are going to face acute food crises.

Anyone owning, for instance, 10,000 acres of idle land will either pay taxes on it or lease it out for commercial use,” said Karoney while addressing the Senate Lands committee in Mombasa yesterday. But she said there needs to be policies enacted by Parliament.

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