New police unit to enforce load limit laws

Robin Obino @PeopleDailyKe

A new police unit has been formed to help preserve the highways and enforce guidelines on axle load control prescribed under the Traffic Act.

The Axle Load Enforcement Unit, which will be operating under the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), has 27 senior officers currently—11 Chief Inspectors and 16 inspectors—who will be stationed at major weighbridges in the country.

The information emanated from a police circular that ordered the officers report to their new stations by April 24. The unit will have 50 officers drawn from the National Police Service Commission.

There are nine static weighbridge stations in the country­—Mariakani, Mtwapa, Athi River, Gilgil, Webuye, Rongo, Juja, Busia and Isinya. KeNHA introduced limits on axle load to curb damage on roads due to heavy loads.

The officers, together with KeNHA officials, will provide evidence for prosecution of offenders flouting the rules, advice on legal requirements related to vehicle weights and dimensions and ensure adherence to rules and guidelines on axle load limit.

Formation of the unit was prompted by complaints that some regular and traffic police officers were colluding with transporters to sabotage the authority’s operations and flout the rules.

KeNHA, which manages, rehabilitates and maintains national trunk roads, has been pushing for its own police unit just like railways and airports.

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