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The unique bar of Lavington

I’m @Work Bar is a pretty, artsy place in an environment that not only exclaims excitement, but maintains a stylish and comfortable setting

Eduardo Debastiani, the gentleman behind I’m @work bar must have thought hard before coming up with such a name. A great bar name goes a long way; it can pull in customers and allow a bar’s personality to shine.

It could also give you a taste of the bar before you step inside, whether you’re in for a relaxing afternoon cocktail or a boisterous night. I’[email protected] bar. Such an interesting name, right?

Well, there is nothing necessarily wrong with going all out with an establishment…I mean, there’s always an opening for fun with a bar name. Well, the bar and restaurant is nestled in the heart of Muthangari Gardens opposite Mama Ashanti Restaurant in Lavington, Nairobi.

I found the tavern a pretty, artsy place in an environment that not only exclaims excitement, but maintains a stylish and comfortable setting.

The décor on the other hand is quite simple; barrels with coloured chairs that breathe life in the establishments. What stood out was their staff, super friendly and always so willing to help. I was surprised they all knew my name shortly after I walked in, including the bartender.

The counter was well stocked, with various brands of local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their cocktails have outrageous names that make you want to try the whole cocktail menu.

I got the chance to live out a true cocktail experience that still lingers in my mind to date, not to mention their shooters. Shooters are a small serving or tots of spirits usually one ounce typically consumed in a single gulp.

I ordered for the Shirley Bendover just because I thought the name was strange and catchy. It’s a mix of raspberries, vodka, lime and soda. It was a bit bitter but fairly refreshing.

Next, I tried Amador drink, which is a mix of mint, ginger and whisky, with lots of ice. By the time I was ready to try the next cocktail, I was a little bit intoxicated and had to put a pause to it. Was it possible I was tipsy after spending just two hours at this bar on two glasses of cocktails?

The mixologist, Norman, is one I can recommend. Certainly good at his job. Their drinks range from Sh400 to Sh700 depending on your cocktail or shooter.

Red, white wine, beers and ciders are also on the list at what I thought were pocket-friendly prices; beers cost from Sh250 to Sh400.

To accompany or “escort” the cocktail, I was hoping for something light to eat, which I got. Although their food menu was not ready yet, they had a plate of chicken wings and fries that I thought were tantalising.

The bar is planning to introduce a few more delicacies soon that will be available as of this week. While I had seen a post from a friend of the bar, I had no idea how much I’d end up loving this place. Top that, the management and owner are most certainly engaging and friendly. Be sure I will be returning with a friend or two.

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