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Beautician who reconnects you with your youthful self

As an entrepreneur, Lucy Wahome proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to market your business. Understanding new techniques and trends as well as making your clients happy is a sure boost

Gerald Ithana @PeopleDailyKE

Being in a class of students from different cultures, beliefs and a new environment 13,000 kilometres away from home was not the easiest of beginnings for Lucy Wahome.

However, she remained focused on her goal to get equipped with the best knowledge and practical skills, which she planned to bring back home.

“My quest for beauty and encouragement from my family drove me to making my dream a reality, and in 2001, I enrolled at Majesty School of Cosmetology in Canada to pursue a diploma course in Beauty Therapy,” says Lucy.

She graduated in 2003 and embarked on a journey back to Kenya, enthusiastic about a bright future. “When I came back to the country, I started practising my skills in different salons in the city. I kept moving from one company to another, tarmacking on Nairobi streets in search of a better deal.

And every time I did this, I always thought of how happy it felt to walk to the bank and withdraw some good money,” she reminisces. Fast forward, more than a decade later, aged 40 and a mother of two, Lucy is now her own boss, the owner of Agape Beauty and Health Clinic located at Wood Avenue near Yaya Centre.

The gospel of my good services while in employment had spread and with the help of her savings and encouragement from her already established customers, she started her own company. Lucy says she started off with a capital of Sh650,000.

“I needed this kind of capital because I was getting my products from Thailand and England. My main aim is always to provide the best services to my customers and by getting the right machines I am able to offer good a service,” says Lucy.

Agape Beauty Clinic offers services such as face lifting, firming, skin tag removal, acne treatment, weight loss and back treatment, body wraps, coffee scrubs, among other services. She also provides services at the comfort of her clients’ homes.

To top it up, she says her passion for her job has propelled her on the path to success. “I offer good services to my customers and I make sure I do it professionally by analysing their skin using special machines. I then advise them on what to use on their skin depending on the skin type,” she adds.

On a daily basis, Lucy says she serves a minimum of seven customers and the numbers can go higher depending on the season, among other factors. She capitalises on the undeniable power of word-of-mouth to grow her client base. “I get new clients through referrals.

I strongly believe that when starting a beauty clinic, one should be passionate and give customers the best services,” she says adding, “Many beauty parlours fail because they start with the aim of making money without considering the type of services they ought to offer hence losing it all.”

Her dedication to understanding new techniques and trends has also helped her grow her clientele base. At Agape Beauty and Health Clinic, Lucy not only offers quality services for her clients, but a place where they can relax after treatment at their decadent equatorial themed relaxation lounge.

She has some advise for upcoming beauty therapists; “When starting a beauty clinic, consider starting with enough money, strategic and a safe location because some customers consider their safety first.

The company so far, has three employees who come on appointment basis, we run our schedules per booking,” says Lucy. Like any other business, Lucy says a beauty clinic has its challenges and one has to take a chance by investing in it without assurance of getting it to grow.

For the few years that she has worked interacting with people and machines, she has also gained experience and techniques, which enables her understand her client’s needs better.

Her dream is to see the company grow into a big institution, to start a cosmetology school and venturing into more advanced technologies.

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