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Meet Dancehall star Rankaddah

Dancehall star Rankaddah is on tour marketing his new song, My Type. He talks to Manuel Ntoyai about his eclectic fashion 

My fashion journey began… back in primary school where I used to buy myself secondhand clothes and mix them just to look like those celebrities in the TV.

My most memorable fashion moment was… the 2016 Pulse Music Video Awards red carpet. I rocked a black suit and a long sleeve vintage shirt with black wet look shoes. The look was simple and perfect for the occasion.

A day in my life starts…by making sure my watch and my outfit suits the occasion of the day.

The difference between designing for myself and styling… is that I make the necessary changes to an outfit to either match or flow with another outfit I want to fuse with.

Take for instance adding bunches to a denim jacket or either painting the jacket patches depending on the look I am going for. Styling is less taxing as all I have to do is settle on an outfit from my wardrobe.

My range features… Being an entertainer, I have to have a number but depending on the occasion I mostly go with vintage, African and street wear. If money was no object, I’d hunt down Tom Ford and learn more about the world of fashion and design from him.

Apart from Tom Ford, my favourite international fashion designers are…Top Man, Kanye West and Luqman.

As an entertainer, I believe you should wear…outfits that are outstanding and unique, especially during performances.

I believe everyone should own a suit no matter your stature as there will come a time when you will need one. My style is inspired by the need to be simply comfortable while expressing myself.

Fashion is all about expressing oneself and showcasing your personality. If you want to go bold, go bold, but simplicity takes the first position when it comes to me.

I would love to dress in…beautifully designed performance costume that obviously has my signature — bright colours. That’s why my nickname is mayelow yellow! Anything bright is good for me.

If I wasn’t an artiste…I would be a designer and stylist because I love fashion and the freedom that it gives my line of duty. You can be as experimental as you want with different materials.

My all-time favourite look…is and will always be vintage. Everyone should own… a nice pair of unique shoes. I think shoes define your personality.

Today I am wearing…black skinny jeans with a black soft fitting shirt both from Zara accessorised with shiny dark glasses.

My best fashion buy…are my sunglasses because they work with everything.

My style icon is…Jamaican dancehall star Alkaline. He is versatile, edgy and young and we have almost the same body frame and given that we do almost the same style of music, he is my favourite.

I could live in… New York for the rest my life because as they say, it is the city that never sleeps and is also one of the best stylish and fashionable city in the world.

I like outfits…that are fitting. Baggy clothes have never been my style and I wonder why some people fancy them. I like keeping things simple and neat.

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