Nairobi planning to terminate JamboPay cash collection deal

Kinyuru Munuhe @kinyurumunuhe

A new storm is brewing at City Hall over recommendations by the Nairobi County Assembly Select Committee on Public Accounts not to renew JamboPay electronic cash collection system as the contract lapses this year.

Instead, the committee resolved the county government should develop internal foolproof automated revenue collection system by capacity-building at the ICT department.

The committee accused JamboPay of flouting the agreement by delaying to remit money collected by up to 30 days instead of within the 72 hours time frame.

“The contract provides that funds collected should be remitted to the County Government within 72 hours upon receipt.

However, review of records reveals that it takes up to a month to remit the funds which is contrary to the agreement between the County government and the contracted firm,” the report read in part.

The revenue collection deal has been shrouded in mystery, court cases and petitions to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over the procedure the lucrative contract was awarded.

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