Senator bags ‘hat-trick’ at national drama fete

Michael Muraya @michael_muraya

The 59th edition of the Kenya National Drama Festival drew to a close yesterday with the adjudicators announcing the best teams to perform at the winners’ gala.

The gala, which comprises performances by top teams, is set to take place today and tomorrow at Lenana School.

Among those that bagged awards in the play category were Kakamega High School, Butere Girls High School and Chavakali High School, with all the plays written and directed by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala. Kakamega High School were awarded the best play in English, with the play, The Burdens.

The stage piece delved into the issue of parental negligence as it told the story of parents who delegate parental responsibilities and in the end, exposing children to the rot and ills in the society.

The second best play in English was It is well, an action-packed stage piece performed by Butere Girls, which highlighted the use of excessive force by police officers.

A student from Mugoiri Girls High School performs ‘No More Drama’ at Lenana School. Photo/JOHN OCHIENG

The play was set in a slum called Soweto and laid bare the harmful effects of a strained relationship between police officers and members of the public.

Karima Girls’ play, Animosity in Animal City, which was scripted and directed by veteran playwright Joseph Murungu, was ranked the third best play in English.

The play became a particular sensation not only because of its hilarious punch-lines that left the audience in stitches, but also, its uniqueness. It is set in the animal kingdom and featured animal characters. It told the story of Simba, a blind lion with two wives.

However, the first wife never gave Simba a child and became green with envy when Leopatra—Simba’s second wife—became pregnant. Her jealousy generated to murderous fury and she killed Leopatra by throwing her off the bridge.

The death of the queen instigated an investigation that was spear-headed by a comic character— a Squirrel named Sausage— that dug deep into the conspiracies and the animosities of Animal City.

Chavakali High School’s hilarious play entitled Petro was awarded the best Kiswahili play and the best comedy. Nembu Girls High School scooped the top award in the modern dance category with the cultural creative dance awards going to Matunga Girls High School.

In the Narrative category, St Mary’s Yala and Koyonzo Boys scooped top awards. The top teams will perform today at the winners gala, which ends tomorrow.

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