Increase funding for TVET, urges PS

Resource allocation to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions is comparatively low compared to basic education and university sub-sectors.

Speaking during the launch of a Management Information System (MIS) roll out for TVET institutions at the Kenya Technical Trainers College in Nairobi yesterday, TVET Principal secretary Kevit Desai called on the government to allocate more funds to the institutions.

Skills obtained He said the skills obtained in these institutions if well incubated will create self and gainful employment that will solve the youth unemployment bulge as well as promote research in Science, Technology and Innovations to propel the Kenyan economy to prosperity.

Desai said in the Financial year 2016/17, for instance, the resource allocation was 1.9 per cent for TVET institutions while basic education received 17 per cent and universities subsectors was allocated 20 per cent. “In the financial year 2017/18, the allocation was 16.2 per cent for basic education, 1.8 per cent for TVET.

In this regard it is very clear that TVET allocation is comparatively very low,” he said. Desai said quality education and training positions learners for acquisition of relevant skills and prepares them for self and gainful employment.

“Underlying quality education and training is quality data, defined by its sanctity, relevance, timeliness and coverage,” he said. “Quality data offers skills development planners the prerequisite information needed for sound decision-making in education and training policy development and resources allocation,” he said.

He added that TVET is competency-based education and training as opposed to traditional criteria referenced learning as the skills acquired in these institutions are relevant in addressing challenges affecting the contemporary society.

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