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Turning clicks and likes into moolah

Ray Jara aka Rajah enjoyed getting more views, likes and comments on his posts on social media. The digital marketer and photographer later realised he could make money from this

Wambui Virginia @kuivirgie

Like many millennials, Ray Jara loves social media. While pursuing journalism at Multimedia University, King Rajah as he is popularly known was that guy always on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook— gaining followers, interacting with people online and jumping on trending topics. He was always in the know, knew what was new and what people were talking about.

Out of gaining followers, event organisers started approaching Rajah to market events and hype their products. Together with his colleagues, they saw it as an opportunity to earn something as they continued with their studies. They formed a group precisely to market events.

At one point the group got a big deal with a top alcoholic brand. The event was dubbed Big Day Out by Coldstone and Iceberg. Since they had no idea how to manage the money, the Sh150,000 paid in lumpsum went to waste. With time, the group fell out.

On his last year in campus in 2017, Rajah interned at Mediamax Network Limited as part of the digital management team. That’s when he realised that digital marketing is actually what he wanted to do. “It all started like a joke. I just loved social media.

At first, it wasn’t really much of a job or a career. I did it for fun,” the 21-year-old recalls. However, Rajah realised that digital market was a growing industry that was untapped by most people. He is now a digital marketer and a photographer. He promotes products or services mainly on social media and websites.

“One important aspect of digital marketing is to ensure that you are visible on social media and whatever it is you are marketing should be seen by as many people as possible.

Most advertisers have decided to go online, because digital marketing is the future and the generation we are in now is more tech savvy,” advises Rajah.

“Many clients are shying away from billboard advertising. Half of people stuck in traffic in matatus or those driving, are usually on their phones, so chances are that they will miss that billboard,” he adds.

Rajah also attributes his success to his friend, Lenin Bulimo who taught him some tips on how to make sure that everything he posts on social media gets noticed and generates feedback.

Currently, Rajah is doing quite well for himself as he got to work with Joanne Burgess and former judge Ian of Sakata Dance Show. He is also working with Keja TV, an online TV company.

He is also working with Wan Move Kenya, a team that will be taking dancers to Jamaica to represent Kenya later this year. He would also be their official digital manager and photographer.

Back in his hometown in Mombasa, he does marketing for the Mombasa Dreams World Group, the official KQ agent, among other airlines. He is also marketing an upcoming event called the Millenials set to happen next month. Rajah is also a photographer.

“Everything I do is actually more of passion. When you are passionate about something, you’ll always get new inspiration and ideas everyday. Most of what I do, I learnt on my own,” he says.

Rajah’s target is all-inclusive. For Instagram, he deals with a younger audience, while Twitter and Facebook has a more mature audience. He assists in trending hashtags on Twitter to market products or services for companies.

He still markets events and individual brands to give them a strong social media presence. For example, he pushes music for an artiste to gain views. His job has not been without challenges. “Digital marketing depends on how you package your content.

Some clients are rigid and don’t want you to change their content,” he laments. Also, most brands have not invested in digital advertising, so when he approaches a company, it takes a lot of energy trying to convince them that it actually works. “Digital marketing is still not fully embraced by most marketers.

Most of the marketers do not know how to create impressions on social media. Some try and fail and create bad impressions on those who are doing a good thing,” he concludes.

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