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Women too can play that game

The story of Mama Racheal was trending last week. Her husband cheated on her. She remained quiet and didn’t nag. He continued cheating until reality hit him—Mama Racheal was getting married to another man. But where did the rains start beating Baba Racheal?

Sandra Wekesa @andayisandra

About a week ago, a spurned man, whose credibility is yet to be confirmed, going by the moniker, Baba Racheal became a Facebook sensation after his narration on how his wife, Mama Racheal, left him for another man.

This was after his constant cheating habits became unbearable for Mama Racheal. The man who claims to have been in a marriage union with Mama Racheal for three years says his wife got married to another man in a traditional marriage despite being married to him.

However, how she pulled that move is something Baba Racheal and many others wouldn’t understand. According to Baba Racheal, his wife started furnishing the house and started dressing sexier than before.

Thinking that he had won, he decided to continue cheating on his wife. As the saying goes he who laughs last laughs best, and Mama Racheal did laugh last.

“…Last year, around May, my wife started changing. She started wearing different hairstyles from her usual ponytail and perfume, she looked more beautiful and she was ever happy.

She stopped snooping on my phone and I thought it was good and she was just amazing. Most Saturdays, she would take our babies out. She decorated our house, bought new stuff, repainted it and the most mesmerising thing is the new 52″ Samsung TV, a bigger fridge and a six-seat dining table she bought.

Our house looked more like a home…I never saw any sign of her cheating, her phone was always on the table. I never heard her talk to anyone, all this time!! How!…” a part of the post read.

Blended family coach Jackie Keya says, most of the times, women are normally so much attached in their marriage. And men think that the ideal woman is the silent one, one who doesn’t nag.

“Anytime a woman keeps quite when you do something wrong, it’s a red flag, this could be dangerous because it could mean a lot. Either she is emotionally disconnected and is planning for her exit, which could be a divorce or a rebound,” she says. “Women don’t leave immediately.

Anytime they get caught up in a problem, they take time to fight for their marriages and in case it gets out of hand, that is when they will leave emotionally. Then later on leave physically. Mama Racheal shows this clearly. She invested in her marriage— furnished the house and took care of the children.

So, physically she was involved, but emotionally, she wasn’t there. She was planning for her exit,” Jackie adds. She adds that you might find in this case, the relationship had been strenuous, a back and forth of confrontations, process of reconciliation, trying to make it work, which weren’t helping the situation at all. This might have also led to her actions.

“In the case of Mama Rachael, it got to a point she couldn’t handle the humiliation caused by her husband anymore,” she says. Cases of women cheating on their husbands have a become quite common lately. This is mainly because of societal change.

Women have shown they are able to take revenge. What a man can do, a woman can do better. Also, women cheat differently than men. It’s not easy to catch a cheating woman.

Traditionally, woman had fewer opportunities of cheating because they were more likely to stay at home and raise their children. But now women have opportunities to work.

You may never know what she’s up to, when she gets of the house. Also technology has made communication and cheating easier, with several apps that can cover tracks.

Also, men cheat for different reasons. For men, it’s often a question of opportunity. If they get a perfect opportunity and the risk of being caught is minimal, they might be more likely to cheat. Women usually have more opportunities, but other motivations.

The majority of women who cheat do it out of frustrations, feel undesired, unheard or are just unhappy, so they start looking for excitement.

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