Public urged to embrace back ex-convicts to avoid relapses

Stigma and hostile reception of convicts who have completed their jail term by the public making rehabilitated offenders relapse into crime.

Murang’a GK Prison boss Binston Mandegwa, who was speaking during the facility’s open day on Saturday, said the prison is crowded because of repeat-offenders. He urged the public to embrace ex-convicts saying they undergo programmes while in detention that reform them into better persons.

“Once the ex-convicts are received in hostility, they forget the transformation they received when they were in custody and start engaging in criminal activities once more,” he said.

He also said a lack of employment is a major cause of high crime rates saying those who are released from prison find it even harder to secure jobs.

“If ex-convicts are supported with small capital and resources, they can employ themselves as the training they undergo while in prison makes them qualified technicians,” he said.

The open day, which is the first to be held in the prison in five years, is aimed at making members of the public get a positive perception of the facility.                                                       – KNA

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