Dhadho: Give me space for better service

Tana River county boss says residents not utilising county offices, taking everything to headquarters

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana has asked residents to utilise other county offices instead of flocking to the headquarters.

During the launch of distribution of mosquito nets at Mikinduni village recently, he said his work has been made difficult by residents who congregate in his office daily demanding services from the governor in person. He has asked his people to give him space so he is able to serve them effectively.

“There is a big problem of congestion at my office because people want to be served personally by me,” he said adding, “How will the government move forward if everybody wants to be served solely by the governor? Is it possible?” he asked.

He said that at the beginning of his term in August last year, he saw residents in person because he had not appointed, County Executive Committee (CEC) members and other officers.

He urged those in need of services to use the County Secretary, the Chief of Staff, his Economic Advisor, County Executive Committee (CEC) members, Directors and sub-county administrators because he has since made the appointments.

Weighty cases

“At the beginning of my term, I was alone and so I did not have any option but to personally serve you. However, I now have other officers who have the mandate to serve you. Please go to them and only bring weighty matters to me,” he said.

He urged the residents to seek services from sub-county and Ward administrator, who will refer cases requiring his attention to him.

“I have facilitated the sub-county and ward administrators so they can effectively serve you. Please go to them,” he said, adding that he would soon appoint a government spokesperson and a director of communication as well as chief officers to manage information flow and communication.

He has since presented 14 names for the positions of County Chief Officers to the County Assembly to await vetting. He has also named Maryanroon Mohamed as his political adviser. Mohamed unsuccessfully contested for the position of County Woman Representative in the August 2017 General Election.

The governor said he will be touring the sub-counties from time to time so residents can engage him directly. “We shall start moving to the grassroots to thank you and explain to you the development programmes we have for the county,” he said.


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