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Mama Rachael? Checkmate!

Forget about Mama Rachael. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the story of Mama Rachael, the social media heroine, then it is safe to assume that you’ve been living under a rock for the past week. Just to jog up your mind, Mama Rachael remains anonymous, it’s Baba Rachael who made her an overnight hero if the discussion on social media is anything to go by.

So, Baba Rachael was married for three years until Saturday. Like the typical Kenyan guy, he’d leave the house at 6.00pm in the name of discussing ‘biashara’, the next time you’ll see him is 12 hours later stupid drunk. He’s invincible this one, and lucky because his car always knows home. And oh, he has ying yangs whom he invites over for drinks. So, his wife somehow finds about it, she confronts him and she’s thrown out of his house. Then they reconcile. And the ‘biashara’ and ying yang cycle goes on.

The wife, Mama Rachael, in this case, knows better than cry all night waiting on him, praying that God brings him back home safe. She keeps calm while it’s babes and drinks for him. All this while Mama Rachael has met someone, played hard to get for some time, dated for some time and now, her traditional wedding was last weekend: all this under Baba Rachael’s roof. Game changer, this Mama Rachael. Women should surely stop crying and learn from Mama Rachael. No? Just take your time, type in Mama Rachael then tell me if she really isn’t a role model to women.

That this mamaa got game is a fact few would dispute, yours truly included. But the fact that women laughed and danced to her prowess said a lot about marriages today.

Women who have been pushed to that absolute corner.  Women who have been pushed beyond their limit by a society that’s getting sicker by the day. It’s not about Mama Rachael. It’s about every woman out there who only admires and celebrates her strength in silence. She can only wish she had not only the courage, but technique to pull such a peaceful exodus. We need a cure. But before we get there, checkmate! Mama Rachael, we need to talk!  Baba Rachael watch War Room, it shall be well!

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