Turning your passion into a lucrative business

 Rose Muthoni @rosemuthoniN

At only 25, Naftal Mogire is an undisputed master at animation. Driven by his love for art, Mogire, with the help of his parents, registered his own company, Neftunes Production when he was in Form Two.

His sabbatical to Deejaying and then to a full-time job as an advertising producer at Jumia, only affirmed his passion, quitting his deejaying job after three years and  leaving Jumia after one year.

“Deejaying was taking a lot of time from what I loved most. Later, when I joined Jumia, I found that it did not leave me with any time to grow my own company. So I decided to make my side hustle, my main job,” he says.

Neftunes Production was back in full force and ready to take the world of animation by storm. Mogire loves the flexibility animation brings his way.

“I am my own boss and I love that animation is not routine work.” The young man boasts of clients ranging from advertising agencies and film production houses.

He loves animation because it allows for maximum creativity often resulting in concepts that have never been conceived in the natural world.

“It is very easy to advertise using animation than through any other means because you get to create your own characters.”

His portfolio boasts of works that include Jumia, Orange Kenya, Nairobi Securities Exchange and Multimedia University. He is currently working on a Kalenjin show.

“I have done five episodes of Kenya Folk Tales and the 3D introduction of Churchil show,” he says. The icing on the cake is the lucrative nature of the animation industry, which Mogire says has few players.

“The cost depends on whether the client wants 2D, 3D or motion graphics animation. For a 30 seconds 3D animation, the client will part with Sh150,000 but motion graphics of the same length costs upwards of Sh50,000.”

With three animations a week, Mogire smiles all the way to the bank. It is not that clear cut, however, as all businesses suffer from several setbacks and Neftunes is no exception.

Animation machines are very expensive with some going for more than Sh350,000.

“I have several clients who pay deposit but refuse to pay the remainder once the work is done. Others feel shortchanged if I complete their animation project ahead of time. They complain that they had over-paid.” Mogire plans to open an animation academy in two years to help up-and-coming artists horn the trade.

For one to excel in his field, he believes patience and creativity are paramount.

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