SUZUKI SWIFT 2009: Lovely, but not too swift

Why this car?

It’s nice and nimble and it’s a fast car for my first car. I really love how it looks. I haven’t done any modifications to it and everything from the body kit to the huge wing out back and the carbon fibre inserts came with it. Even the tint, which must be the most basic modification one can do to their car, came as standard.

What do you love about it?

As mentioned earlier it’s just a hoot to drive. It’s perky when you put your foot down and because it’s so small and nimble, I’m able to swerve and squeeze through traffic easily, which in this Nairobi is a huge plus. It also has a sport function, which is nice. I also love how it looks; its proportions are perfectly balanced. It looks simple yet sporty, small yet fun, cute yet cool enough for that all-important street cred.

I have this really cool friend called Wairimu who used to ride a Pulsar motorbike. She went to Australia, but before then we loved to go on night drives. We used to look for nice roads we could drive on. Go up Waiyaki Way and down through the Southern Bypass and because she was on a bike and me in a car, it was really fun, probably my most cherished experiences with this car.

What are some of the drawbacks about it?

It’s quick because it’s a small car, but I guess I’ve outgrown it and I feel it’s not fast enough for me. The fastest I’ve driven in it is 146kph, but I want to go faster. I guess I’m addicted to speed now, but for me, the Swift is where it all started and it’ll always be a special car to me even if I upgrade to something much faster.

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