Thrills of Lukenya

Ever since I was young, I would always notice Lukenya Hills, especially on those days when I embarked on my journey to school, since the school was on that side of the country. I had heard a number of tales from the people of Masaku, and I actually believed their words that Lukenya Hills was a holy place, a shrine of some sort. However, it had never crossed my mind that such an exquisite place could ever be in existence. 

My journey to Lukenya Gateway Resort, a beautiful gem within the mesmerizing hills, started with a completely different phase; I barely slept a wink that night. The excitement in me couldn’t calm me to a sober state. With the erratic weather of Nairobi you couldn’t tell how calm, windy, sunny or rainy it was going to be. My mind wouldn’t help, but think of the Mto Wa Mawe floods that had swept through the area nearby, inflicting untold misery and a lot of inconvenience to many people. Lucky enough though, that transport bit was being provided by our facilitators and had been planned well prior to the visit.

At a glance, the resort can pass as just a castle tucked in hills. The expansive hotel property, a 45-minute drive from Nairobi CBD along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, was initially set up as a country home for the current proprietors. Soon afterwards, guests and friends sought after the property as a ‘home away from home’ destination. Due to the increased demand, the owners put up cottages as a solution to accommodate the overwhelming supply of visitors. As days went by, a larger swimming pool, dining area and volleyball pitch were also put in place, which gave this place quite the kick.

When we finally got there, we were all wowed by the magnificent look portrayed by the rooms, which overlooked the majestic pool and beautiful green lawn. We couldn’t argue that spending Sh10,000 for a night at this resort, just to reconnect with yourself and have a great experience in silence, could give you more than the value for it.   

Lukenya Gateway Resort is an ideal place, created to provide an environment for intellectual work, rest and recreation. The scenic and serene surroundings of the Lukenya Hills render a quiet and peaceful environment for conferences, team building, retreats and workshops, among others. The fresh breeze by the hill has never been so nourishing.

When the time came around for us to dine, the inviting aroma wafting from the kitchen whetted our appetite. It was now time to indulge in some of Lukenya’s finest delicacy ably christened Lukenya Platter. I hate to rain on people’s parade, but I must say that the food was simply finger-licking. The succulent nyama choma served with ugali was the hymn of the day. Yes, I just said the hymn of the day, for it was worth to remember.

Having had one of the best hospitality experiences I have ever had, I made it a point to become a frequent visitor of Lukenya Gateway Resort and maybe have more of the relishing nature walks and swimming.

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