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Heart attack at Shakatak

I went to Shakatak out of curiosity. My friend wouldn’t shut up about it and so, I thought why not. It’s one of Diani’s super hyped clubs and you’ll never miss Nairobians there. So, a bunch of my friends and I made the date and after a sumptuous dinner fill, we walked down to the club.

It wasn’t so far away from our hotel and strolling wasn’t a bad idea since we were quite a bunch of us. We got there, paid our entrance fee and entered an oven-like simmering space with people covering every inch of any room available. Shakatak is not an open air joint like most of the clubs in Diani. It is walled from one corner to the next and sound proof.

It was extremely hot and the air conditioner was useless. Keep in mind people are dancing, sweating, breathing into each other’s faces and bodies or clammy skins touching. Obviously, you have to dress lightly while in Coast, but that becomes a problem when everybody around you is brushing your skin with their sweat-dripping bodies. This grossed me out and I knew I couldn’t stay here for long. But this is not even what infuriated me. I tried to ignore the heat by dancing because the music was really good, but nuh, it just wasn’t happening.

There was barely room to even sway my head, leave alone swing my waist. As I was trying to squeeze a dance out of myself in the crowd, a guy grabbed me from behind and started grinding on me. Oh my God, I lost it! There is nothing I hate like an entitled fool, who sadly exist in plenty, thinking that every girl in a club is looking to hook up with a stranger and gyrate for them. I furiously elbowed him as soon as he pulled me into him. He quickly let go of me and I shoved him out of my way. And he wasn’t apologetic; he just moved on to another girl.

I realised I would go crazy if I stayed there longer. I went to order a glass of wine to relax my nerves before walking out. The wine was such a long wait. When I finally got it and took a sip, it was so bad; diluted and warm. When I asked the waitress who’d handed it to me and why it had water in it, she told me ice had melted in it, which meant it had been sitting in that open glass for long. I was so annoyed. I placed it on the bar counter, told my friends I was leaving and went back to my hotel to sleep. Oh, I didn’t pay for it.

I didn’t like the place at all!

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