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Elderly tourist in love misadventure stranded

Swedish woman appeals for help to return home for medication, redeem passport being held as loan security

An elderly Swedish woman is stranded at Diani in Kwale county after squandering her retirement benefits on romantic escapades with her young Kenyan lover.

The ailing Anne Rundeck, who is in her 60s, says she longs to travel back home to seek medical treatment but she cannot because her “overindulgence” has reduced her to a destitute.

She can neither afford an air ticket nor medication for her deteriorating health condition while her passport is being held as security for a Sh50,000 loan she took to make ends meet.

After blowing up her fortune with her lover, she is now suffering from a multiplicity of debilitating illnesses including high blood pressure, heart and lung conditions, which have taken a heavy toll on her body.

The once rich foreigner, who like many of her compatriots, was ensnared by the irresistible allure of sun, sand and pleasures associated with coastal life, is now appealing for help to raise fare and redeem her passport to enable her to travel.

“I don’t miss Europe but I would like to go there for treatment and at least have some rest,” she said while in the company of her dreadlocked boyfriend Hamisi Zuya from Rabai, Kilifi county.

The two have been in a relationship for six years but their fortunes took a nosedive two years ago when Zuya allegedly began drinking heavily and neglecting her.

“After squandering my money, he no longer has time for me and I’m really suffering,” she narrated her ordeal next to her seemingly unperturbed partner. The now penniless Rundeck (pictured) says she is contemplating selling her phone and clothes to raise money for food.

“We used to eat a balanced diet when times were good but now I am never sure of where the next meal will come from,” she said. She said disbursement of her monthly pension from overseas stopped while her children withdrew their support when they learned of her extravagance.

“I don’t get my monthly pension anymore because of change of address after my ex-husband sold our home,” she said. Zuya, however, denied being wasteful with the woman’s cash, saying they spent it together. He accused her of not being business-minded.

“I’m a hustler and she should be patient as I find a reliable job,” he said. Cases of white foreigners being tricked into love only to be conned by wily locals are not uncommon in the region which is a popular tourist destination. -KNA

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