Shock of rampant sodomy at Shimo La Tewa Prison

Juveniles remanded at the Shimo La Tewa GK Prison are sodomised in exchange for food and sleeping space, it has emerged.

Shocking details linked hardcore criminals serving long jail terms at the facility to the acts. So bad is the situation that some male inmates were cohabiting as man and wife.

A warder told the People Daily in confidence that “cases of sodomy are reported on daily basis and some are so bad that some of the victims have had to be referred to Coast General Hospital for treatment.

“Our hands are tied. Even if we hear people shouting for help at night, there are some blocks where warders cannot dare go. Our prisons are another world.” In January, a Congolese suspect asked a Mombasa court to repatriate him to escape the trauma of being sodomised.

Thirty-year-old Kabera Muindo, arrested for being in the country illegally informed Mombasa Resident Magistrate Juliet Kassam he had been undergoing untold suffering in the hands of hardcore criminals at the facility.

Yesterday, an inmate who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed remandees at the institution held for petty offences were being lured into homosexuality in exchange for food, sleeping space and other basic needs. “Food is not enough at the facility and sometimes some miss out.

So, they have to befriend inmates known to have money. They use warders to buy bread and other ready food for them in exchange for sex,” he said.

The inmate further alleged that sale of drugs was rampant and in some cases, some remandees were fed on drugs, sneaked in by rogue warders. He urged the prison authorities to halt the menace by creating a holding block for remandees and minors to separate them from hardened criminals.

The facility is home to suspected and convicted high-risk terrorists, pirates and murderers, among others. However, Coast Region Prison Commandant Joseph Mutevesi said that Kabera has since been moved from Shimo la Tewa to Mombasa Remand Prison.

He said he was unaware of the sodomy issue at the facility. “I am going to carry out more investigations into the allegations since whenever there are such complaints, officers are available at the institution day and night. New remandees are made aware of ways of reporting such complaints,” he said.

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