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Scourge of Mt. Elgon: Residents recount ordeal in the hands of killer gang

The turn of the new year was welcomed by many after a highly charged 2017 electioneering period but for residents of the volatile Mount Elgon region the new year ushered in another turn of fear and terror with at least 37 people losing their lives in revenge killings following a fresh flare-up of the perennial land tussles.

The fresh attacks which has seen the government impose a dawn to dusk curfew in the region have largely been blamed on one man-Timothy Kiptanui Kitai alias Cheparkach, whose g-5 militia group has been accused of spreading terror with the highlight of the attacks being the beheading of the chairman of the ‘”nyumba kumi” initiative in Sarya village in Cheptais .

Though a sense of normalcy is slowly returning following increased security surveillance thousands of families have  fled their homes, schools closed and basic amenities have become inaccessible.

Our reporter Shukri Wachu visited the volatile region and takes us through the- “The scourge of Mt. Elgon.”

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