MP accuses police of selling drugs exhibits

Kiambu Women’s Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba has hit out at police officers accusing them of encouraging consumption of drugs by selling exhibits.

Speaking at Wamwangi Secondary School in Gatundu South where she presided over Easter celebrations for the elderly, she decried upsurge of drugs abuse in Gatundu saying increasing number of addicts was loading pressure on the elderly who are left to fend for the neglected grand children.

“There is an alarming upsurge of bhang use and consumption of illicit brews in Gatundu and it’s upon us leaders to crack the whip,” she said.

The outspoken MP took issue with local administration and police for slackness in taming use of outlawed substances accusing them of colluding with criminals to undermine their efforts to ensure Kiambu people remain sober.

Wa Muchomba said as leaders, they will be supervising the burning of all outlawed substance exhibits presented in courts of law saying police officers should not be complicit in the abuse of illicit brews and drugs. “We want our officers to be accountable enough.

They should burn all court and confiscated illegal drugs in public. They are the same people who sell those exhibits after they are produced in courts. It is very shameful for a government officer to act as a conduit of abetting sale and consumption of brews and illegal drugs,” she said.

She urged Kiambu residents to join elected leaders in the fight against illicit brews and other drugs noting that there is a need to have rehabilitation centres for reforming addicts.

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