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Strange things people who live alone do

The beauty of living alone is that you can get away with anything or maybe everything. But this does not include not taking a shower for days or eating expired food (such as bread) because you were too lazy to restock. Some of us are guilty of one of the following, but worry not, nobody is here to judge you. You do you, writes Cynthia Mukanzi

1. Fart loudly

Everybody does it. And it comes with a (weird) sense of satisfaction upon it’s release. Side note: If you can’t fart in the presence of your girlfriend or boyfriend, then something is wrong with one of you.

2. Walking around naked

If you don’t take advantage of all the space and privacy around you to just let go and be free, then you are insanely losing out.

This is the best way to relax; ask a one or three-year old why they love toddling all over grinning widely when everything including diapers is taken off. It’s a relaxing kind of freedom and the icing on the cake is sleeping with nothing on. Not unless it’s freezing cold.

3. Talk to self in the mirror

You have won countless arguments and had productive conversations with the person in the mirror. You have calmed, berated, laughed and even cried with your reflection. Sometimes I think mirrors are a therapeautic home accessory.

4. Wanting your own space

I don’t know about you, but I love my own company. For sure, I don’t mind hanging out with friends or sometimes having them over but there are times I’m selfish with my space.

It doesn’t make you a bad person to want to be by yourself. In fact, you should be worried if you are the type who wants to be around people all the time. You need to step back into your own world to understand and know yourself.

5. Dodging people

Most likely your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, annoying acquaintances or a clingy ex who doesn’t respect your ‘no’. Sometimes you don’t want to hang out or host people.

So you are tempted to lie that you are occupied or not at home; maybe you say you are working, shopping, visiting a friend or ignore their calls and texts altogether.

6. Poop with door open

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. The thing is, nobody is going to surprise you with a visit. Nowadays people call before showing up on your doorstep. So you have a nice long one and not even bother to use the air freshener.

7. Washing dishes after a week

This is not uncommon. A week is very terrible but standard. It should be because you are busy, away or sick. Completely understandable. If not, don’t let them go for more than two days.

8. Spending holidays alone

Easter holidays was all the rage and most folks probably went to the countryside, on vacations with family and friends and some chose to curl indoors, catch up on some projects and binge-watch movies and shows. All of those things are valid. Having some alone time during holidays is actually amazing.

It gives you time to reconnect with yourself and replenish your energy. Should I also mention that if you just chilled at home this Easter weekend that most people had been paid, you probably saved some good mulla? Yes, you did.

9. Putting on garments from the dirty laundry basket to run errands

Sometimes you are just at home minding your naked self when it hits you there’s something you need to get from the shops or store around you.

You go into the dirty laundry basket, pick a pair of jeans or sweatpants, top it up with a hoody and dash out. It could be a five or 10-minute errand that doesn’t need a face beat or dress-up. Just make sure you’ve brushed your teeth.

10. Pot of food in fridge

Guilty as charged. Sometimes scraping food out of the pan or pot to package them nicely for the fridge is just an arduous task, especially when you are tired after running errands or work. Sometimes it’s just pure laziness and it’s totally okay.

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