Give children with cerebral palsy, autism free cover – lobby

Some parents with children suffering from autism and cerebral palsy have urged the government to offer their children free medical cover.

Speaking during World Autism Awareness Day in Roysambu constituency, Nairobi county on Monday, Life Beyond Autism & Cerebral Palsy chairperson Nancy Nduta said it is very expensive to raise children with the two conditions.

She said the lobby will push for medical cover that includes possible stem cell treatment as long-term health solution for the affected children.

“A health charter will also be developed to ensure a supportive medical policy for children born with autism and cerebral palsy,” she said.

Pius Chege, a parent said most patients require in excess of Sh30,000 per month for therapy adding it is very challenging because most parents are poor.

Nominated Senator David Sankok said he will push for the inclusion of all children born with autism and cerebral palsy to get free National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover.

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