PSC to hire casual staff, pay interns in new rules

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has devised new regulations, which will see casuals hired into the public service. And the casuals, or temporary employees, will be paid daily and would only be engaged for not more than 21 days.

The new regulations would also see the government start paying interns. The regulations, currently in draft form, are undergoing stakeholder approval before being tabled in the National Assembly for debate pending approval.

In a telephone interview with the People Daily, PSC chief executive officer Alice Otwala said the PSC Draft Regulations 2018 would ensure efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery as it contains public servants’ human resources guidelines.

She disclosed that the proposed regulations would look into human resource issues of trainee medical doctors, lecturers, terms of service for temporary employees/casual workers, terms of service and incentives of interns and public servants housing scheme among others.

With the new regulations, the PSC would pay medical doctors undergoing further studies. She said no employee would be allowed to receive more than one salary from the same government, hence doctors pursuing further education will be required to forfeit their pay at the county level.

They would be included in the National Government Civil servants’ Pay Roll to receive allowances for the entire period of training. “As you are aware, health is devolved, hence doctors are paid by the counties.

However, with the new PSC Regulations 2018, doctors undergoing Masters Studies in universities will be paid allowances by the National government for the entire period they are undergoing training but they are required not to draw any other pay from their respective counties for that period,” Otwala said.

After completion of their studies, they will go back to their respective counties or be absorbed into the public service depending on their area of specialisation,” she said.

She noted that university lecturers wishing to further their studies would also be paid by the national government on condition they apply for leave of absence to be included in the National government payroll.

According to the new regulations, it is now a requirement that casual workers/temporary employees must be paid daily and their terms of employment should not exceed 21 days.

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