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Apps covering unfaithful spouses’ tracks

Wambui Virginia @kuivirgie

Being secretive when in a relationship is never a good idea. It starts out as a by the way, and then grows into something else – cheating. And with smartphones, it has become even more easier to cover your tracks. Gone are the days when partners would cram passwords and patterns to unlock phones.

Now you can have your partner’s phone all to yourself, and most likely, you won’t know he/she is cheating on you! We are not condoning affairs — but it is interesting to see how so many apps have popped up to facilitate the process and keep perpetrators from getting caught.


With this app, it is almost impossible for your sneaky partner to snoop. You can only open (or even see) Call And Text Eraser (CATE), if you know the secret code. The app lets you communicate with privacy by hiding calls, filtering flirtatious text messages, and allowing you to clear all the app’s contents quickly and easily. CATE is available for Android and costs $4.99 (Sh500).

Invisible Text

It’s impossible to screen-grab any message sent through Invisible Text, so you know that none of your more unsavoury conversations will come back to bite you later. You can send videos, texts, and pics secretly through the app, set a timer for messages to self-destruct if unread, and revoke any text you regret sending if it hasn’t been opened by its recipient yet. You can download


Text for free for iOS. TigerText If you’re in a relationship where you’re constantly being asked to hand over your smartphone, you’re going to want to erase any trace of wickedness. TigerText lets you set a time limit for how long your messages exist. It’s like Snapchat, but not just for pictures. Download TigerText to your Android or iPhone for free.


Michael Mwangi, a 25-year-old, has downloaded a messaging app, Telegram, on his phone. The app has a ‘secret chat’ feature and all conversations are encrypted such that they cannot leak.

He also uses Telegram because he feels it’s private since his girlfriend would time to time snoop on his phone. Therefore, he knows he can have a private conversation because after 24 hours, the chat would be gone. Also, Telegram allows him to hide the chat or delete it. It’s free in Google Play store.

Vaulty Stocks

This looks like an app for checking the stock market, but it can become a cheater’s treasure trove of naughty pictures and videos. Use it to store things that don’t belong in your phone’s built in photo album. The app placates snoopers by providing a fully-functional financial interface to anyone who doesn’t have the right PIN. Availability: Vaulty Stocks is $4.99 (Sh500) in the Google Play Store.

Black SMS

This app lets you send and receive encrypted (and potentially dirty) messages. The app converts your text messages into image files that can only be unscrambled with a secret password, so that you’ll be able to keep explicit messages on your cell-phone without anyone, but you knowing what they really say. Black SMS is available for $0.99 (Sh100) for iOS.

GB WhatsApp

Apparently, the app works just like WhatsApp. Some of the features include ‘read and delete’ where you can choose to delete a message without opening it. You can also see everyone who is online on the chat list without actually tapping on someone’s chat.

Facebook Messenger

This app is quite popular, but over the years, it has been updated by adding more features to it. It has the ‘private chat’ feature where you can send a message, video or picture. The app has an end to end encryption. You can also set the app such that the content you send can disappear whenever you want.

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