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Advocacy Group slams Trump’s vulgar remarks

The United Coalition of Affirming Africans Kenya has condemned recent remarks by US President Donald Trump which they say tarnished Africa’s image.

“In response to the degrading of Africa by the US President, the fellowship of Affirming Ministries has launched Africa American for Africa campaign purposed to inspire a Pan African renaissance. We stand in solidarity with the congressional Black Caucus and the African Union to demand justice for all people of African descent,” said Bishop Tolton.

He was speaking Tuesday in Nairobi during a march organized by The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, a US based network of progressive Churches. The match was a show of solidarity with people of Africa descent in Brazil, the Caribbean and African migrants in Europe who are being treated as second class citizens.

“We stand with our people in Libya who are being forced into new era slave trade. I stand with those of African descent born in America, who are battling police brutality and systemic economic injustices,” he said, challenging African leaders to step up efforts in the use of technology to promote the continent as a production power-house rather a consumer-oriented market.

The progressive churches network is fighting for equal access to technology, progressive social and political structures that promote peace.

United Methodist Church South Nyanza District Superintendent, Rev. Kennedy Mwita warned that the church could not remain neutral as minorities continue being discriminated upon. He called upon Kenyans to work together as they are all children of God.

“As a church we insist that all persons regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation are entitled to have their human civic rights ensured. We are working towards a society where each person is valued and recognized,” said Rev. Mwita.

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