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Style up and pay athletes, Uhuru tells federations

Gibo Zachary @magayijim

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on sports federations to style up and ensure all Kenyan sportsmen and women are well-taken care of.

The President said sports federations have a mandate to ensure Kenyan teams are well trained, prepared and catered for financially even as they go out to represent the country in various fields.

“Every time we agree on what needs to be done should be fulfilled. I am perturbed that this has not been happening,” said the President while handing over the flag to Team Kenyan to the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia at State House, Nairobi yesterday.

Team captain Elijah Manangoi, a paramilitary officer that serves as part of the President’s elite VIP protection unit, received the flag from the President. Uhuru said the country has an obligation to honour its sportsmen and women who raise the country’s flag high.

He said sports federations, including the Athletic Kenya, Kenya Golf Union, Football Kenya Federation, Kenya Rugby Union, Cricket Kenya and Kenya Hockey, had to style up and ensure they fulfil their mandate.

“We don’t take for granted that it takes a lot to be where you are. It takes a lot of effort to participate in the variety of international competitions,” he added.

The President told the team that whatever the Government has allocated in terms of allowances and rewards is their entitlement and they should not shy away from demanding them from federations.

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