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Farm manager who made his way to the august House

Milliam Murigi @millymur1

Your father recently revealed he was being treated for cancer. Share with us his journey.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer late last year. Luckily, he was diagnosed early—it was at stage one. He was admitted at Aga Khan University Hospital from December 24 to January 3.

He then proceeded to India. My mum and our firstborn brother accompanied him to India and for the rest of us, we were left to communicate with them via WhatsApp.

For the seven weeks he was in India, we showered him with love. He had a successful treatment, but he will be going back in June this year for check-up.

He spoke passionately about the sorry state of Kenyans seeking medical treatment in India. Is he doing anything about it as an MP who has seen it all?

It’s sad. My father said thousands of Kenyans who were taken to India for treatment, and their caregivers, are sleeping in the streets after running out of money. They cannot afford to rent the expensive houses in India.

He spent Sh1.8 million on housing alone for the period he was there. Now, he wants to ensure there is a fully equipped cancer facility in Kenya to reduce the burden of Kenyans going to India for treatment.

So, at what point did he develop political ambitions?

As long as I have known him, he has always been interested in helping the community. But he won Juja parliamentary seat on a TNA ticket in 2013. He recaptured the seat again last year.

For the second year running Juja Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been ranked as the best performing CDF office in Central and it has improved from position nine to position seven countrywide. How did he achieve this?

He has four pillars, which guide him: education, security, infrastructure and health. He has constructed three new schools. Also, more than six schools have been registered under his tenure.

On security he has constructed 11 administration police/police stations in the constituency. He has also been on the forefront to champion for more health facilities and affordable medical care. He has seen different roads being repaired and new ones constructed.

So, has his life changed after joining politics, and what are his plans for 2022?

Yes and no. Yes, because being a public figure, every person, especially his constituents want his attention. But trust me, he always finds time to be with his family.

And no because, he is the same loving father I used to know and he is always there for us. As for 2022, time will tell. How does he balance politics, farming and family? His passion for what he does makes him do everything amazingly.

In three words, how can you describe your father?

He is humble, prayerful and a God-fearing man.

What kind of a father is he?

He is a loving and strict father. His ‘yes’ is ‘yes’, and his ‘no’ is ‘no’. He has fought sex scandals for the past few years.

How did your mother and the family react to this?

It was a big blow to the family, but my mother doesn’t believe in hearsays. She sat down with my father, heard his side of the story and after learning that all this was not true, she stood by his side. We later learnt that all this was organised by his political opponents who wanted to finish him politically.

What are some of the fond memories you have with him?

Having been brought up in a coffee farm, I always miss the times we used to spend together as a family. He used to take us for outings and since I’m the last born, I was always daddy’s boy.

And what don’t people know about him?

He is a coffee farmer, he loves flowers and because of this he takes care of the flowers around our house. He rarely keeps secret, he loves soul music and he is a good dancer. His favorite song is Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by George Michael.

Tell us about yourself?

I am the fourth born in a family of four. I graduated from Makerere University in 2015 with a degree in procurement. I offer procurement consultancy services for companies.

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