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Digital media subscribers to rise by 2023, says report  

Affordable prices for data, low cost of smartphones and high-speed internet in Africa will drive media subscriptions uptake on the continent, a report by Deloitte, released yesterday, indicates.

The report predicts that by the end of 2023, the penetration of smartphones in developed and African countries will surpass 90 per cent, a five-percentage-point increase over this year.

“The cost of digital media subscriptions ranging from televisions, movies, music, news and magazines – will typically be under $10 (Sh1,000) per month each in 2018,” it says.

According to the report, cheap data and affordable smartphones will significantly contribute to bringing more people online in 2023 across the African continent. Mark Casey (above), Deloitte partner, said as the rollout of the 5G – which is a high internet– will bring to life amazing use cases, mostly encompassing mobile broadband and massive internet of things.

He said currently the high cost of data and smartphones were still keeping most people away from accessing videos, online news or social media, among other things.

Casey, however, added that as the cost of the smartphone continues to decline, coupled with the roll-out of the 5G in coming years, more people are set to subscribe to digital media.

Ken Okwero, head of strategy at Safaricom, said media channels could increase their digital subscriptions by ensuring they look at areas where they have a comparative advantage.

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