Orengo wants hardliners out of unity talks

Siaya Senator James Orengo has claimed that the ongoing dialogue between President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance (Nasa)  leader Raila Odinga that seeks to heal and unify the country risks being sabotaged if joined by hardliners from either camps.

He said infiltration of Jubilee and Nasa hardliners in the negotiations would jeopardise the talks and derail bid to unify the country after the disputed General Election last year.The Senator claimed the coalitions are full of leaders whom he described as snakes and draculars that bite and infect others.

“I urge the two leaders to go on with the unity talks without involvement of leaders from their camps since most of them have poisonous minds that may jeopardise set plans,” he said.  Orengo, who spoke during the burial of Justice Joseph Onguto in Dudi village, Gem constituency, was optimistic that the truce would bring greater tidings in the country.

“Raila should negotiate with President Uhuru without fear or not fear,” said Orengo adding that so long as honesty and good faith is upheld in the engagements we are sure of greater tidings and justice in the country.

He added that “In reality to the decision that led to the handshake has seen Raila giving all he had to President Uhuru including his people and vowed not to look back for the country to move forward,”

Mr. Orengo  who was accompanied by  Governor Cornel Rasanga, Rarieda Mp Otiende Amolo and  Elisha Odhiambo (Gem Mp) Mr Orengo  also said that “ the honesty and faith in the talks will only be determined by the states move to scrap of charges level against Raila’s key allies and compensation of those allegedly killed by the state after the August polls,” added Orengo.

He asked the president  and his administration to compensate those who lost love ones during post-election violence.

“The spirits of those killed ring the chaos will not rest till their families gets compensated and your visit to Nyanza would add sault to injury unless the bereaved families are sorted,” said Orengo.

Orengo noted that ongoing negotiations going on between president Uhuru and Raila  would be trusted if cases levelled against those who backed Raila’s swearing in ceremony  are  also dropped.

  it’s the compensations and dropping of charges against  businessman Jimmy Wanjingi, Presidential poll loser Miguna Miguna and  Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang that would see Kenyans entrust the negotiations.,” he added

Governor Rasanga said he will not embrace President Uhuru visit unless he compensates Siaya people whose lives were allegedly ended by police during the post-election violence.

The governor said Siaya was not part of the 26th presidential elections and could not be happy if he visits the region without compensating parents and families who lost sons and daughters during the mayhem.

“As the President of the County, I did locked office with voting materials during the repeat of presidential elections during October 26th  and would only allow the president ion The county once we have consulted public and reached a consensus,” Rasanga  added

The leaders were also accompanied by Gem Mp Otiende Amolo and his Gem counterpart Elisha Odhiambo who expressed concern over high deaths of the justice and senior counsel’s from Gem constituencies.

It’s so sad to note that we had  lost Justice Joe Kwach and now we burry City High Court Judge  Joseph Lois Ongute,” said Dr. Otiende.


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