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Minutes with Marion Oduge-Adega, head stylist, Bridal Hair by Marion

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?

I loved hair from a young age. I just had this ability of creating hairstyles and it amazed me. It amazed people too. Many were left smiling when I made their hair, and that gave me confidence to do this. I decided to become a bridal stylist after I got my twins, in order to allow me more time with them. And of course, being a bridal stylist pays well (laughs), besides it being my childhood dream.

What are some things brides should consider when choosing a stylist and hairdo for their big day?

Choose a stylist who listens to you before they give you advice, one who can work with what you have and still give the best. Know what you can comfortably afford. Cheap is not always expensive, even a Sh2,000 weave can work. Meet with your stylist one on one for a talk. Make sure you are comfortable with them. Consider your honeymoon as you choose your hairstyle, and do a trial before the wedding.

What are some of the mistakes bridal hairstylists make and what would you advise?

Promising a style that won’t work, just because of the money. Advise the bride honestly, and you will get more. Also, over pricing. Think about what the bride is going through when planning her big day and be considerate. Always use quality products, especially if you have charged the bride expensively. Walk with your bride through the hairstyle planning.

What’s the craziest request a client has ever made to you?

This couple was having a beach wedding, and the bride wanted waterproof gel on a weave. It couldn’t work, but I found a way to keep the style intact till the end of their big day.

What are some of the challenges in this business?

The main challenge is on pricing, but I always ensure I have a contract with the client before doing anything. Other than that, I believe it’s the best business to be in if you give it your best.

—Marcella Akinyi

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