Music producer Visita in trouble again

TT]here is no doubt that Nixon Wesonga aka Visita is one of the most creative sound engineers we have in the country. After his acrimonious divorce with Grandpa Records two years ago, after which he ventured to start his own label, Hela Records, things went south for the popular producer, singer and rapper.

He was kicked out of ‘his’ makeshift studio in South B after a misunderstanding with the studio’s real owner. Visita would then get a financier who backed him to start another studio in Donholm area, and word doing rounds has it that there is trouble in paradise.

“The sponsor is said to have developed cold feet, with plans on creating a one stop shop, where video and audio recordings could happen. The project seems to have stalled, but the thing is that, he still has a lot of clients who are scheduled to record with him,” said a source.

Speaking to PD Wikendi on phone, however, Visita rubbished the allegations as just mere gossip “being spread by my haters”, adding that he was busy on “numerous” projects.

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