Fingers crossed as court rules on fate of squash team

Barry Silah @obel_barry

High Court Judge George Odunga will today give his verdict on a matter where Kenya Squash Association (KSA) is accused of Commonwealth Games selection malpractices.

Petitioner Khaaliqa Nimji had taken issue with the association for blatantly abusing the selection process after it disregarded the selection committee’s list and instead hand picked its own players for the Gold Coast games.

Filed under a certificate of urgency, advocate for the applicant Arnold Kwesiga termed the treatment of his client as unjust since she had legitimately won the trials against other contestants.

The matter first found its way to the Sports Dispute Tribunal when the complainant went to seek directions last month. The tribunal then directed that new trials be held and the entire selection criteria shared for further instructions. However, KSA protested the move and went to court seeking injunctions against the tribunal which they accused of overstepping its mandate.

During preliminary parties’ submissions, Justice Odunga issued interim orders suspending the tribunal’s involvement in the matter.  Captain Gakuo Ndirangu who spoke to the tribunal as he provided a progress report of the new selection confirmed that all processes were adhered to and that Hardeep Reel (men) and Nimji’s (women) selection was open, transparent and above board.

“Between March 17 and 18 at Parklands Sports Club, as per directions of the Sports Disputes Tribunal, we carried out new trials. We did advertisements and got 24 players. The team only required one male and a female so we had a tight competition. Each of the top three players incidentally lost to each other and at the end, the points difference was minimal,” he said.

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