Kenya leads region in cross-border maize trade

Kenya topped in the region in terms of cross border maize trade last week, says East African Grain Council (EAGC). 

The council stated that more than 1,300 tonnes of maize was imported into Kenya from the region’s market segments.

Much of the maize was shipped into the country through Busia and Malaba borders while the rest was bought through Namanga and Isebania border points from Tanzania.

The council noted that there is a lot of maize cross-border trade between Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.  

The council price discovery platform-Regional Agricultural Trade Intelligence Network (RATIN) indicates that more maize in Uganda and Tanzania has led to the increase in cross-border trade.

Traders from Rwanda and Kenya are importing a lot of maize from Uganda more than in any other country in the region.

The price discovery avenue reveals that last week, 405 tonnes were traded between two border points Cyanika and Gatuna of Uganda and Rwanda respectively.  Volume of trade between Kenya and Uganda at Busia and Malaba border points in the review period has increased to 1,181 tonnes.

EAGC says prices of maize in Uganda is the cheapest compared to the other market segments in the region.

“In Uganda maize prices currently stand at Sh1, 737 for a 90 kilogramme bag which is the cheapest while the highest price was recorded in Bujumbura at Sh4,132 and about 3,000 in  Nairobi as at yesterday, “states the price discovery platform.    


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