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Gerald Langiri, actor and brand ambassador of Vazzi Clothing Line

One thing that many people do not know about you?

But if they don’t know it, then it means they shouldn’t know. Why would I want to give out my secrets? (Haha). Well, maybe many people do not know I am a proud father.

What’s the nicest thing someone has ever told you?

“Gerald, your smile can’t go unnoticed.”

Some of the worst moments you recall in your childhood days?

Injections. I’m asthmatic and I dreaded going to hospitals because I knew what next. I’d cry a lot and always trailed behind my parents, but it never worked.

What are your best moments out of your busy schedule?

I love my sleep. I am always up and down working, scripting, recording and it is quite exhausting. Sleep is part of me. Also, I love spending time with my family because they calm me down after a busy day.

Favourite object that would complete your home?

A water bed. Don’t ask and I won’t tell.

What was your best childhood nickname?

Chida. My family used to call me that. I’ve never actually really found out why. But in high school, I’d be called Blacky, Kanono, DMX (dark man X). Sigh! People were just mean.

Some of your worst habits?

I forgive, but never forget.  I’m also impatient and I’ve been called a perfectionist several.

Best movie line or scene?

“My lips are sealed like the chastity belt of a young Luhya princess.” House of Lungula.

Best place that you always like to go and think?


Worst advice you have ever received?

“Always be yourself.” Some people are bad people. How can you tell them to be themselves?

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