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My daughter’s joy is full when she sings

Thanks to her parents nurturing her talent since she was three years, Joyce Omondi-Waihiga turned out to be an award-.winning gospel artiste. Her mother Sara Omondi tell us more

Harriet James @[email protected]

Briefly tell us about yourself My name is Sara Omondi, mother of Joyce Omondi-Waihiga. I’ve been married for 30 years and have three children. Joyce is my firstborn daughter.

In a few words, how would you describe Joyce?

She’s an introvert, though not a shy person — she always loves her quiet space. I know that seems like a shock considering that she is a musician. I’ve known her as a private person, always keeping things to herself.

At first, this worried me, but I learnt to adapt. However, she can be energetic around people who know her. She is a minister of the gospel and an international development professional.

How was she growing up?

Joyce didn’t give me trouble other than being a tomboy. Unbelievable, right? She was the only girl, even amongst her cousins until her teenage years. She liked to dress like a tomboy too (laughs).

We used to have fights going to church as I used to be particular on how she dressed. She would cry a lot and I would wait for her to finish crying and then make her wear a dress and choose the right shoes and hairstyle for her (laughs). I can see all that moulded her into the woman she is right now.

So, her fashion sense came from you?

Joyce Omondi-Waihiga turned out to be an award-winning gospel artiste during her graduation. With her is her mother Sara Omondi.

I think there’s a creativity gene running in the family. Growing up, I would stitch clothes.

I remember my grandmother would assist me stitch my uniform when I was just nine years old and I picked it up from there. Joyce designs her own clothes and even designed her wedding gown!

Where did her passion for music begin?

It was either her third or fourth birthday. Her father brought her a piano that could only make eight notes.

She fell in love with it. She would play it and immediately she reaches the last note, she would burst out laughing and I would be worried.

I would then ask her father what was wrong with her. Her father decided to take her for music lessons when she was around six to seven years and he bought her a whole piano to begin her music lessons. Sadly, she never liked the lessons, but we would push her to continue. I let her know that she had to be taught to learn music and that it wasn’t going to just happen like that.

Then when she grew older, she would come from school and just play the piano. I would know whether she had a stressful or happy day by what was being played. When the music was loud, I would know that it was a great day for her and vice versa. Up to date, she uses the same piano that her father bought her in all her songs. I am forever grateful to my husband who saw that talent in her.

Share your experience on raising a talented daughter?

Knowing she is such a talented artiste, I found myself guarding her and, especially when it came to the media. I didn’t want to wake up and read bad news of my daughter.

What are some of the music that she has produced so far?

Her songs are mostly birthed from experience. She launched a new album last year in October dubbed, Spirit vs Soul. Her first album was Conqueror, which she released in 2013 and named after the debut single. She was silent for a while because she was furthering her studies, but she is back into releasing music and sharing her heart, which is what she loves the most.

Seeing her interest in serving God, does she aspire to be a pastor in future?

She’s an economist by training and hasn’t yet been to Bible school. As a musician she is still a minister of the gospel, but who knows…only God does.

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