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Glad to be back to work

I finally came back from my break. Though I didn’t manage to have a sit-down with Kamaa, I enjoyed my time off. The thing with taking a break from work is that you need to have something very specific that needs your attention.

When I went upcountry, there was not much of a difference when it came to the work situation. I worked, and worked until I wished I’d come back to the city sooner. The days that followed were nothing but boredom!

Which brings me to my concern. I always hear people celebrating how they got a couple of days off of work. What I don’t hear them talking about, is what they did over the break. If we are being honest with ourselves, long breaks suck.

Suddenly, you have time in your hands that you normally wouldn’t have, then there’s that guilt of waking up late even though you probably took the break to sleep. Well me, I slept. I tried to wake up late, but my internal clock wouldn’t let me.

So, I woke up as usual, did what I had to do then back to bed. I can’t blame my mother for thinking I am lazy, but it was my time to sleep. Now that I am back, there are more pressing matters here like making sure my expectant employer and her daughter are well fed. In short, I am glad to be back.

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