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Preparing to get back to work

The countdown begins as my baby turns six weeks. Going back to work sounds to me like a lot of cries, separation anxiety, milk pumping and stress all pressed into one. I look at my baby and wince when I picture her crying for hours before she gets used to seeing me only in the evening.

The more I think about it, the more it pains me. I can almost swear that if my husband had a secure and stable job, then this time round, I would have quit my job. This feeling takes me back to when I had Raine and it doesn’t help knowing I will be going through the same thing like a lesson I never learn from.

I’m taking action

I tried to have this conversation with my boss before going on leave, but he took it with a pinch of salt. It may not have made sense to him that I needed an hour in the morning and another in the evening before the rush hour caught up with me. Lucky that I will be driving this time, so I’ll get my baby’s milk home earlier than I did with Raine.

It will make no sense though because the conditions at work are the same that made me put Raine on powdered milk. (Sigh) much as I’m trying to do something about this, I cannot make a turn around of life in less than three months.

A take it or lose it situation

I will try to think less about it and do what I can now. I am hoping to propose to become his virtual assistant and if I can take it, offer to work few hours for less pay. Man!

The things we do for our children! In the end, it’s for them that we work so hard and if we are not happy doing it, then they will becomes a burden to us. So at the age of 31, Fanne Mwambi considered, for the first time, to become a work at home mum. Wow, it doesn’t sound too bad, except, if my boss says no… do we have virtual assistant positions in this country?

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