Increasing smartphone penetration revs economy

An increasing number of Kenyans now own a smartphone as its ability to catalyse growth and spur development in key sectors of the economy takes centre stage.

With 90 per cent mobile penetration, most of the 41 million Kenyans with phones own smartphones, particularly after prices dropped to about Sh3,000 with entry of new brands.

Smartphones have revolutionalised how people live as they replace desktop computers to make them the essence of most transactional services globally.

Kenya has already managed to leverage on these devices to spur financial inclusion, smart farming, smart education and growth of e-health among other initiatives.

Speaking during the launch of Jumia Kenya’s fourth moblie phone white paper, the chief executive Sam Champatte yesterday said the sale of phones has increased drastically to command more than 50 per cent of sales, most of which were smartphones.

“About 250,000 smartphones were sold in 2017 accounting for 97 per cent of all phones sold,” he said, adding that this has been growing at 25 per cent year-on-year.

The firm wants to leverage on this demand to push new models into the market starting next week.

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