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Traffic drama that debunked ‘women are their worst enemy’ myth

You know how they say female drivers are lousy and selfish drivers? That a woman can never give way no matter how many times you flash your lights or even honk at her. She’ll always frown and pretend not to see you anytime you try waving at her to give way.

And that women are always first to flash those lights with the widest, fakest smile just to be allowed through. Well, there was this incident that caught my eye on social media.

So, traffic was a standstill and you know how disorganised it gets, matatus overlapping, school buses looking for panya routes to school—usually just metres away: and just everyone trying to find their way off the main road.

In this chaos, a woman wanted to drop her children in school just 20 metres away from this madness. She’d finally ‘squeezed’ her way out when one man drove out of nowhere and blocked her way.

He was insisting he had right of way and that she should know her place as a woman and let him be (so there’s a place for women in traffic as well?). She begged him to reverse and let her through, he refused. Then he comes out of his car and belittles the woman who was clearly not shaken by his tacky insults. She couldn’t move as cars had lined up behind her. Mr man?

No car behind, but he wouldn’t move. Seeing no other way out and the children must have been late for school, she took her children, left the car and walked them to school. This egoistic man couldn’t believe and so, he marshaled up men to deflate the woman’s tyres. Then every woman in traffic, yes including those lousy drivers stepped out of their cars in solidarity.

The men surprised by this move backed off. But the women were not fooled, they stayed put, ready to draw blood and daring anyone to touch it until the woman came back. They got back to their cars and when traffic finally moved they all left.

Surprisingly the owner of the car left unaware of the threat to deflate her tyres. Talk about tenda wema nenda zako. Then I shed a ‘tear’, a ‘tear’ of joy. Women. Women, who someone said are their own enemy. And here they were defending their own, God bless their souls.

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