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Do not procrastinate, write your will now

Francis Muli

Death is one of the monsters human kind has not been able to conquer, striking in most times when least expected. The only way to defeat death is to prepare for it. However, most people do not prepare because they think they have time.

Preparation ensures that you leave a legacy behind. Most people who prepared for death are remembered even years after their exit. Your exit will leave three major things behind which include history (of your deeds), property and relatives.

After death, you have no control of what happens to your relatives and history, but you can have a say to what you leave behind as property and wealth. If you have no say you will leave your relatives and accomplices fighting for the little you left, which will ruin your history and legacy, however good it may have been.

People who die without preparing leave their loved ones in a tussle that destroys the fabric that holds them together, as they fight to own the wealth left behind by the deceased.

It should not be the case. The best, tried and tested way to achieve this is to write a will. Most people think that a will should be written at the late stages of life. But who knows their late stages of life? It might be now, and the D-day might be tomorrow. Thus, a will should be written as early as now, immediately you own property.

Whether you are married or not, whether you have kids or not, write a will. Experts advise that a will makes it much easier for your family or friends to sort everything out when you die.

Without a will the process can be more time consuming and stressful. A will may be written or oral. However, it is not advisable to have oral wills, which may be easily revoked in case there is a conflict between witnesses or a period of three months has lapsed.

Succession case number 1298 of 2011 in the high court sets an example of conflicts that may arise if you die without setting your house in order. The conflict between the co-wives of Mr GKK, who once called the same man husband, could be the precedence of an unending conflict not only to the wives but also their descendants.

In their case, there existed two conflicting wills. This is an example of families that are able to battle it out in courts. Think about families that may not afford legal fees.

What harm will it cause when you leave without writing a simple will? The bottom line is, the time to write a will is now. You will then keep updating as need be. This way you will leave an undisputed legacy.

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