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Beautician and interior designer rolled into one

Rose Muthoni @rosemuthoni

Ashamo Hammed is a perfect portrait of beauty and resilience. Elegant with an entrepreneurial spirit, just what you would expect a make-up artist-cum-interior designer to look like? At 27, she has achieved more in the business world than most of her peers would dream of.

Ashamo is scooping her fare share of what the multi-million-shilling beauty industry is worth. Make-up business is second nature to her. She embraces it in all its colours. “I do make-up for weddings, ruracio (traditional weddings), birthdays, everyday makeup and tutorials as well,” she says.

Just last year, she had a successful make-up master class to mentor upcoming make-up artists and individuals who want to sharpen their skills. Much like she enjoyed sprucing up ladies, Ashamo fell in love with interior design. A year down the line, she has never been happier with her hustles.

“Last year, I concentrated in interior design for residential spaces. Right now, I am in the verge of clinching my first big corporate job.” Much like her make-up job, Ashamo can start her interior assignments on a blank slate or turn-around what is available into a beautiful work of art. “ I am conversant with all stages of interior design.

I source for materials from my preferred suppliers or those of the clients. I even act as consultant for clients who only need the interior deco advice but want to do the work themselves.”

What is more amazing is that Ashamo is trained as human resources (HR) management specialist. She worked as a HR officer for one-and-a-half year but it was not the perfect fit for her. “I think it was not for me. I am not a desk person. It was too routine doing the same thing everyday.”

The mother of soon-to-be three started doing make-up on the sides while she was still in HR. With time, she realised that being a make-up artist could be her main job. In 2016, she picked a make-up brush and never looked back.

“HR knowledge helps a lot in my businesses as well as running the two pages I run on Facebook, Glam Life and Glam my Home,” she says. Glam my Home Facebook page, which showcases members’ interior design skills and ideas, boasts 22,230 members while Glam Life, dedicated to make-up, brings together 61,073 members.

“The skills I gained in HR help me in managing people online. Managing a large group of people, on a Facebook page is not easy. These online groups are not just for fun, they are actually my job, so I must maintain sanity,” she says adding that she lands jobs through these social sites. The beauty world, however, has its unique challenges.

“The make-up industry is very saturated and there are people out there quoting very low rates for a make-up session. And you wonder where they are getting their products. Genuine make-up is very expensive.

So these quotations do not make sense,” she says. Ashamo sees a lucrative future. “I want to launch a make-up productline, hopefully this year. As for interior design, I want to venture into the corporate world.”

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