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Meet Jeri Muchura

What’s the latest addition to your gadget cache?

My Tecno Camon CX that I currently love to death. The phone is the best thing ever, especially the cameras!

What would you choose between an expensive mobile phone and a nice camera?

Since I have the CX, with two 16 megapixels cameras (both front facing and rear), I’d go for a top of the range camera.

Would you go for an iPhone over an Android phone?

I’d rather go for Android any day. It might be strange, but to be honest, I have never understood the fuss around iPhones.

Which gadget do you use the most at home?

That has to be my blender. We are suckers for smoothies, juices, sauces and soups. It must hate on us so bad. It’s always plugged in and almost running all the time.

On your phone, which app do you use the most?

It is a tie between Instagram and Facebook. This is because my business and personal lives are tied to these two and in this era, it’s simply the best way to connect with people across the globe.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I’d probably be my current phone. I hope by now you can tell how much I love it. Hahaa…

What is the worst gadget you’ve ever had?

A ceramic electric hairbrush. It did nothing to straighten my curly African hair!

What is that one gadget you cannot stay without?

It’s definitely my phone. I use it for virtually everything; communication, connection and payments.

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